A catalogue of folk music corpora for computational ethnomusicology

The project aims to make cross-cultural music corpora more easily accessible. It is a catalogue of music corpora, but also an index of songs in those corpora, providing metadata in a consistent format. We hope the project contributes to diversifying computational music research and to the creation of large, cross-cultural musical corpora.

Songs of Luxembourg

A large collection of 612 folk songs from Luxembourg from various sources. The songs were encoded by Damien Sagrillo.

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The Natural History of Song Discography

"NHS Discography contains transcriptions and analyses of 118 field recordings from the 30 world regions covered in NHS Ethnography. ... We selected recordings by reviewing published collections of world music, digitizing out-of-print recordings, and contacting anthropologists and ethnomusicologists to obtain unpublished field recordings. Each song was transcribed into music notation."

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Digital Archive of Finnish Folk Tunes

A large collection of 8613 Finnish folk tunes collected mostly in the 19th century and published by the Finnish Literary Society in the series Finnish Folk Tunes (Suomen Kansan Sävelmiä), edited by Ilmari Krohn. The collection was digitized by Tuomas Eerola and Petri Toivainen in 2004.

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Densmore's Teton Sioux Music

A digital edition of 245 songs from the book Teton Sioux Music by Frances Densmore, originally published by the Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 61, Smithsonian Institution (1918). The digital edition was prepared by Craig Stuart Sapp in 2002.

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Creighton's Songs and Ballads from Nova Scotia

Digital edition of Songs and Ballads from Nova Scotia, collected by Helen Creighton (1932). The ditigal edition was prepared by Craig Stuart Sapp in the Humdrum file format.

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A catalogue of folk music datasets for computational ethnomusicology

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Project in infancy

This project is in its infancy: many things are still likely to change. If you are interested in the project, or want to contribute, please get in touch. Your comments and suggestions are also very welcome.

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